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We provide our clients a one stop solution for the whole process of surrogacy by providing various services that are required by the intended parents. Some of the key services are as follows:

  • Advising/counselling the Intended Parents and surrogate mother.
  • Making arrangements for IVF Treatment.
  • Sourcing of surrogate mother.
  • Sourcing of Oocyte.
  • Sourcing of sperm/egg donor.
  • Guiding intended parents and the surrogate mother on medical treatments.
  • Arrangements for complete care of surrogate mother during her pregnancy .
  • Research on the law of the nation of the Intended Parent.
  • Representing Intended Parents in Consulates.
  • Drafting and scrutinizing various documents and agreements.
  • Preparing IUI and Oocyte retrieval Agreement.
  • Documentation for acquiring the citizenship to the new born.
  • Arranging for travel document.
  • Preparing legal strategy.